Hexa Collection

The Hexa Collection is dominated by extreme angular lines exploding out of soft circular and oval edges. Inspired by coral collected from the beaches of Hawaii this collection is an homage to the piles of bleached coral forming mounds that dominated the shore line. When I wear this collection I'm delighted to remember the smell of the salt water in the air, the taste of it on my lips and the crunch of lava rocks underfoot. The raw landscape on the volcanic island had a huge impact on my jewelry. It was after my time on the island that I began to reference both  anatomical forms and forms of oceanic life; coral, sea shells and microscopic ocean organisms in my  jewelry lines. The dramatic forms in this line are edgy and yet feminine in their organic nature. I love wearing a piece from this collection; lightweight and striking a single piece from the collection can make any outfit.


Two Years In Business

May of 2018 marked the end of my second year in business and I'm honored to have spent the last two years sharing my artistic voice with the jewelry world. Thank you to all my customers over the last two years! It has been a joy getting to know each of you! I hope my jewelry is continuing to bring you happiness whenever you wear it. I look forward to being able to bring you new and exciting jewelry in the coming years. I'm working hard on a daily basis to continue to refine the designs in my collections in order to provide all my customers with a product that embodies the epitome of craftsmanship, design and unique artistic voice. We are only six months into 2018 and I am already very proud of my accomplishments for the year. I'm honored to to be one of six finalists in the 2018 LEAP Awards presented by the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh,PA. My work will be on display in the Society for Contemporary Craft Store this year in the months of October, November and December. I participated in the 2018 Halstead Design Challenge: Hidden and received the second place award for my entry. I was so thrilled with the award as there were so many fabulous makers who participated in the challenge. It has been a wonderful year so far and I'm excited about the future of my business and all the opportunities to come! I'm beginning to gear up for the holiday season (it will be here before you know it) and the New Year! I will be launching a new line in 2019 so please sign up for my email newsletter and follow me on Instagram to stay update! I want to say thank you again to my family, friends and customers for all their support! Cheers!



My name is Stacy Rodgers. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a BFA in Metalsmithing/Jewelry Design in 2007. I have spent the last ten years dedicating my time to raising my children during their extremely important early childhood years. Now that they are in school I am turning my attention to my dream of developing and running my own jewelry design business. It has taken a lot of studio time to produce a well rounded body of work and many more hours developing a website and marketing materials. It has been a joy! This February I look forward to attending the American Craft Counsel's Baltimore Craft Show as an exhibitor during both the wholesale and retail days!